Take a WesWELL class this semester!

Pre-registration has begun for WesWELL’s non-credit classes! Lisa Currie sends in the important information:

Ever thought about taking a Yoga class? Kung Fu? How about Zumba or Pilates? You can through WesWELL!

Pre-registration for WesWELL Non-Credit Classes is now open through Thursday, February 12, 2009 for members of the Wesleyan community.

We offer a range of different non-credit classes that will help enrich your life and perhaps even fit in that physical activity that helps keep you healthier. Fees are reasonable ā€” usually lower than similar off-campus classes ā€” and students may elect to charge the fee to their student account for convenience. Best of all, many classes are taught by current Wesleyan students and alumni and are held right here on campus. Register early! Classes begin the week of February 1 and some will fill up fast.

For complete information visit the WesWELL Class Information Pages.

In particular, Toni Craige ’09 tells us about her beginning Yoga class:

This class is for students new to yoga (some experience is OK) or coming back from injuries. Special care will be made to teach proper alignment and introduce the philosophy behind the physical practice of yoga (Hatha yoga) and breath work (pranayama). Verbal teaching will be woven into the flow of the practice to create the seamlessness of a more advanced class. Students will learn to access yoga’s healing benefits of stress relief, better breathing, flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular conditioning. Students will practice being in the present moment, getting a real break from the outside world while gaining insights into their habitual patterns of thought which can help in life off the mat. We will touch the joy that comes from being truly present in the body!

Classes start soon, so visit the WesWELL website for more info.

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