Storahtelling: Jewish Ritual Theater Revived

Come see a radical fusion of storytelling, Torah, contemporary performance art, and traditional ritual theater featuring Wes alumna Deanna Neil ’02. It will followed by dinner and Q&A, plus a “Mega-Dessert Buffet”.

The Storahtelling website says we should expect a Shabbat evening RituaLab:

RituaLab is a sacred arena where religious and theatrical narratives blend to create a new conversation and a new place for contemplation and expressions of art, myth and ancient sagas for modern times.
Storahtellers including Naomi Less and Anna Sobel present a lively Shabbat evening ritual with traditional Hebrew chanting, dramatized English translation, live original music and audience interaction.

What: Storahtelling
Where: Bayit, 157 Church Street
When: Friday, January 30th from 5:45-7:45

[Via Jenny Ajl ’10]
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