Rev. Troy C. Moore at Broad Street Books

Reverend Troy C. Moore will be at Broad Street Books on Wednesday, February 4th, to read from his new book “Out of Death Comes Life“:

We too often go through life believing that we are the only ones experiencing pain and frustration. It doesnt dawn on us that the person sitting next to us may be dealing with the same issues we are facing. But refusing to tell each other about these crises, refusing to share our burdens, leaves us holed up inside a cramped little box. Out of Death Comes Life opens up that box and demonstrates that we are all human and we all face real-life crises, regardless of our backgrounds.

Author Reverend Troy C. Moore encourages readers to keep living and praising the Lord, despite their circumstances, through daily biblical conferences designed to infuse joy in readers’ lives. Do not be content living a life that is not the one Christ intended for you to live. Author Reverend Troy C. Moore is the pastor of New Generation Ministries, the church without walls, in New Britain, Connecticut.

Date: Wednesday, February 4th
Time: 6:00 PM
Place: Broad Street Books

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