Dan O’Sullivan’s Staged Reading

Dan O’Sullivan ’11 is staging a reading of a motherfucking play he wrote:

Yo, wassup. I’m having a STAGED READING this Thursday. Yeah, you heard right- a STAGED READING. That means there’s gonna be ACTORS reading LINES on a motherfucking STAGE. And that ain’t nothing- I WROTE the play. Yeah, I WROTE it. On PAPER. Hell yeah. Bitches ain’t got shit.

…What I mean to say is that this Thursday night, at 8 pm, there will be a staged reading of a play I wrote, called Old Woman, Child (Alice Ashes), in the ’92 Theater.

It’s about an old woman and an old man whose friendship lasts only so long as their respective pasts stay out of the picture. It’s also about HUMAN MORTALITY. It’s a little surreal, a little sentimental, and I think you’ll get a kick out of it, a tremendous kick. No tickets- just come. There will be prunes! (maybe)

When: Thursday, 2/5, 8 pm
Where: the ’92 Theater
You Pay: nothing
For: the theatrical experience of a lifetime

Dan O’Sullivan

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