R-E-C-Y-C-L-E, recycle…

Nora Christiani ’11 writes in to inform us that Recyclemania is again upon us:

I wanted to announce Recyclemania, a 10-week inter-collegiate reduce/reuse/recycle competition going on right now. It’s being organized by Bill Nelligan‘s (Director of Environmental Health, Safety and Sustainability) sustainability interns, Ali San Roman ’11, Grace Petersen ’09 and me, and Physical Plant (most notably Jeff Miller). The past two weeks have been “trial” weeks (though the scores are up in Usdan–check out the scoreboard to the left of Usdan Cafe!). Now, the scores start to count! Our trash, glass/metal/plastic, mixed paper, cardboard will be measured in terms of total weight and lbs/ per person. Each week, we’ll post the scores in Usdan. Soon, we’ll also start to post the scores of peer institutions such as Amherst, Williams, Trinity and Middlebury.

During RecycleMania (and in general) We want to emphasize a few key things! 1. Recycle what you CAN, but remember, you can’t recycle everything! Look for signs around campus specifying what does and does not belong in glass/metal/plastic and mixed paper. 2. While Recyling is great, what’s even better is REDUCING comsumption of things like bottled water, and instead, REUSING metal water bottles or coffee travel mugs.

Keep an eye out for the following events and programs: The week of 2/9-2/14 we’ll be selling valentines made out of recycled paper (made by an artist on etsy.com!). ALSO, we’ve gone through WeShop and stickered every labelled[?], specifying what containers/boxes can be recycled and which containers are made from post-consumer recycled materials!

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