Musical Madness: an Inter-Class Competition

The class deans encourage some good-natured inter-class rivalry with “Musical Madness: A Musical Competition between the Classes”, to be held on Thursday, February 19 at Crowell Concert Hall. All undergrad musicians, singers, and performers are welcome to join:

Acoustic, elecric, or a capella. Ensemble or solo. Original or cover. Prizes for Best Performances and Best in Class. Get your act together and feel the love! All performers must be in the same class year for ensemble entries. Performances must be no longer than five minutes.

Available equipment: Five mics, a couple of monitors, and a piano. You must bring your own amps and drum kit, if necessary. Return your completed entry form to your class dean by February 12.

Date: Thursday, February 19
7 pm
Place: Crowell Concert Hall

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