Seven Bands at Eclectic

(My ability to form words together into a coherent and interesting title is not manifesting itself right now, sorry.)

Bands playing are:

  • Extra Life
  • Little Women
  • White Suns
  • Mark Brown
  • Javelin
  • Thrust Lab
  • D. Gookin

That’s a lot of music, so things will be moving quickly. They have two PAs, and things will start promptly at 8:30pm–which is when they really want you to get there.

[EDIT by Sheek, 7:05 pm]
More info: The first three bands are more experimental, and the next four are more electronic/dancy, so I suppose you will want to plan your time of arrival and level of intoxication accordingly.

Check out Aural Wes for a full write-up of the acts and a roughly chronological guide to your Friday night at Eclectic.

Facebook blurbs:

D. Gookin:
Hartford, CT –
Smooth Electro Funk for your Sinful Soul

Thrust Lab:
Baltimore, MD –
Epic Prog Rock Rhythm Section From Valhalla Battling in the Casino Night Zone

Brooklyn, NY –
Crunk MPC Masters of the 16-bit GhettoDrome

Mark Brown:
Baltimore, MD –
Acid Trip 8-Bit Freak Out Hyperdub Bmore Booty Bass + Visuals

Extra Life:
Brooklyn, NY
labyrinthine ballads and ghost worship

Little Women:
Brooklyn, NY
how to give jazz a botched facelift

White Suns
rock music turned inside out; exposing the bile

When: Friday 2/6, 8:30pm
Where: Eclectic Ballroom
(Cost: Free)

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