Spotlight: The Yes Way

Here’s a Wes-alum-fueled music act which has yet to tour Europe or be incorporated into a six-figure company: The Yes Way, based in Brooklyn, features Mike Drucker ’05 and Nick Burleigh ’06, both switching between guitar, bass, and violin, along with Aaron Mendelsohn on guitar and vocals, and Jessie Bilotta on drums and vocals.

In December they released an EP, “Who is Better Than You“, and over the past few months they’ve played shows at various venues in New York, including the Central Park Bandshell and Public Assembly in Williamsburg.

At this point they’re conscious of themselves as a work in progress (they have a blog!), but The Yes Way is ambitious and optimistic about the coming year as they continue to work on their sound. More importantly, they are showing some Wesleyan love – according to MySpace, these dudes will be trekking up to Middletown to play at Public on February 18.

This clip from a Central Park show last March should serve as a visual aid, not a general representation of their music – the tracks on MySpace give you a much better idea of where they seem to be going as a band.

[Thanks to Adam Bernier ’06 for the tip!]

MySpace: The Yes Way
The Yes Way Blog

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