ACB gets influx of new users with the closing of JuicyCampus

You might notice that if you go to the now-defunct, it redirects you to CollegeACB. CollegeACB was created earlier this year (I guess, technically, last year, but this school year) by Aaron Larner ’08 and Andrew Mann from JHU, but is now owned and operated by Peter Frank ’12. Most of the Wesleyan ACB activity switched over from its old home on LiveJournal to the CollegeACB site soon after it was created.

Despite these efforts to draw in the old JuicyCampus crowd to the site, CollegeACB distinguishes itself quite clearly from JuicyCampus in its recent press release:

The site is devoted to promoting actual discussion, not provoking salacious posts or personal attacks. Its mission statement reads: “The College ACB or College Anonymous Confession Board seeks to give students a place to vent, rant, and talk to college peers in an environment free from social constraints and about subjects that might otherwise be taboo.”

Such a philosophy sets the ACB apart from Juicy Campus, a website that fostered superficial interactions, often derogatory and needlessly crude. By contrast, the ACB consistently hosts a higher level of discourse—while still making room for the occasional gossip post.

Other differences between the ACB and the now-defunct Juicy prove more than superficial. The ACB employs an innovative user-moderation button, which allows for easy yet unobtrusive regulation. Any post that might be threatening, libelous, or otherwise illegal, is immediately brought to the webmaster’s attention.

Read the full press release here.

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