Jewish Community Re-visioning Meeting… today!

In my time here at Wesleyan, I’ve seen the organization of the Jewish community change a lot. When I was a freshman and sophomore, there were weekly Havurah meetings – open to everyone – to plan events for the community. And I have to admit that because of it, things got done, and events weren’t dumped onto the shoulders of one or two people.

A number of Jews on campus are calling for a meeting to re-envision how we’d like the Jewish community at Wesleyan to run. It’s open to everyone, especially Jews who haven’t felt engaged by the Jewish community here on campus but would like to.

Here’s an excerpt from the blurb being forwarded around:

Bring your hopes, frustrations, brilliant ideas, suggestions, criticisms, opinions and wildest dreams about our community. This is also a great time to get together as a community in general, outside of Shabbat services and other explicitly “religious” events. All of you (yes, you) have a say in this, whether or not you’ve ever been involved in the Jewish community before now.

Things to discuss could be (and are not limited to)…

  • Your ideas!
  • What’s the Jewish community planning for this semester that you can get involved in?
  • What’s the Jewish community not planning that it could be?
  • Your questions, your concerns
  • Should we meet on a regular basis?
  • What should the structure of our community look like?
  • What should our image be on campus?
  • etc, etc, etc.

This is your community, so come have a say in what it should look like.

When: Sunday, Feb 8th (today!) at 4:30pm
Where: the Bayit

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