RecycleMania Valentine’s Day Cards

The Sustainability interns are selling Valentines all this week during lunch and dinner in Usdan, and Wednesday and Thursday evening in Olin. The proceeds from the sales will go towards EON and RecycleMania.

All the Valentines are printed on 100% recycled paper, to promote the “ReBuy” aspect of recycling–if you recycle, you should also purchase products made from recycled material. The pricing is a little weird, but it is as follows:

  • $1/1 valentine
  • $0.75/valentine for 2 or more valentines
  • $0.60/valentine for 10 or more valentines

OH–and we deliver! If you give us the name of your friend/lover/secret crush and class year, we’ll deliver them on Valentines Day!

They are hilarious/vulgar/awesome.

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