VDay Comedy Shows

Don’t be alone on Valentines Day with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, instead drown your sorrows with laughter at Wesleyan’s Comedy Shows!

What? Desperate Measures improv(e) comedy show
Where? Nic Lounge
When? 7-8 PM, Saturday, February 14
Why? Because its Valentine’s day and you want to see our boobies. And improv… I guess…

What? Gag Reflex: The Valentines Day Show
Where? WestCo Cafe
When? 8 pm, Saturday, February 14th
Why? A veritable smorgasboard of musings about love, loneliness, relationships, and things of similar ilk. Come on down with either your sweetheart or your sorrows.

What? Lunchbox is having its 258th annual Valentine’s day show
Where? Nic Lounge
When? 9 PM, Saturday February 14

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