Disability rights: documentary, discussion, and dinner

Reslife, Midnight Madness, and Wesleyan Students for Disability Rights are co-hosting a screening of Emmanuel’s Gift (www.emmanuelsgift.com), a documentary about how poorly people with physical disabilities are perceived and treated in Ghana, and how a Ghanaian man born with a deformed leg biked 600km cross-country to show that people with disabilities can make valuable contributions to society and to change people’s attitudes. Dinner (Haveli’s!) will be served, and after the film there will be a discussion about disability issues led by Professor Sheila Mullen.

What: movie, free dinner from Haveli’s, and disability discussion
When: Monday, Feb. 16th at 6:30 p.m.
Where: Shanklin 107

[Info courtesy of Allegra Stout ’12]
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