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Got any DIY/radical media? Help Emergence Infoshop get started:

the emergence infoshop is a newly reclaimed space on the wesleyan university campus that will offer a variety of resources to the surrounding community
…that includes YOU!

emergence will have a zine library and will also be the new home of the anti-oppression library.
emergence is only in its larval stage, but will be located inside the University Organizing Center at 190 high street. as well as having scheduled hours open for reading/borrowing and just hanging out, the space can be used for workshops, meetings, craft projects, and more.
emergence can emerge with YOUR help.

ever made a zine?
have any other d.i.y. and/or radical and/or anti-oppression media that’s collecting dust on your shelf/under your bed?
emergence wants it!

you can donate or lend zines, books, movies, posters, periodicals, music, maps, art, and whatever else you think should be accessible to everyone in your community.

just send an e-mail to submityourlit(at)gmail(dot)com
and set up a time for at-your-door pick-up service!

[if you want to take stuff back for summer/when you graduate/next week/whenever, that’s perfectly fine.]

stay tuned for more updates on the emergence of emergence!

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