Decora Dinner Show at Eclectic

Decora, The Wailing Wall, and Tiger Saw will be playing a dinnertime show at Eclectic Thursday evening, with cheap and tasty beef, jerk chicken, and vegetarian patties from Pattie Palace available throughout.

Decora features Ben Bernstein ’10, Will Brant ’10, Ian Staub ’10, Josh Koenig ’09, Ben Seretan ’10, and George Pritzker ’10, whose “sonic sculptures meld a kind of domed-out technicality with waves of overpoweringly rich complexity” (AW). They are good.

I don’t know The Wailing Wall, but they are apparently folksy and feature Jesse Rifkin with other people. Tiger Saw is also presumably folksy.

According to Ben Bernstein, the music will range from loungey folk to folky lounge, with some gut-busting tidbits in case you have indigestion.

More details at Aural Wes.

Date: Thursday, February 19th
Time: 6:30 pm -9:00 pm
Place: Eclectic Dining Room

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