Jazz Night @ ADP

Tonight, in ADP, there will be a Jazz Night. I’d describe it, but

I’m happy to report that the first concert will do its part to reverse continental drift, combining the drumset magic of Wes drum teacher and sometimes Jazz Ensemble director Pheeroan Aklaff with the 10 ten able fingers of David Nelson, our resident Solkattu and South Indian Percussion teacher (he’ll be playing mridangam). They’ll be joined by Hartford resident Mixashawn, who draws on everything from free-jazz to Native American music in his saxophone and flute playing and singing.

WHERE: Living Room/Foyer of ADP
DATE: Today, Thursday, Feb 19
WHEN: 7pm.
COST: Free

Sponsored by the Adelphic Educational Fund and the WSA.

(Via Aural Wes and Nick Field ’09)

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