Saul Carlin Supports Democracy

Saul Carlin ’09 is in CT News Junkie for his support of a new bill currently being debated in Connecticut which would allow voter registration on Election Day, possibly even at all polling locations:

Saul Carlin, vice-president of Wesleyan University’s student body, supports the bill. However, he did propose one small change. He said instead of requiring everyone who wants to register and vote on the same day to go to one location, like the Town Hall in Middletown, he would like to see it implemented at every polling place.

For Wesleyan students, Town Hall is not easily accessible for pedestrians and those who don’t have access to transportation may not have one to two hours to take out of their schedule to vote, he said.

…If the bill were to pass here, Carlin said the cost to the state would be minimal. He said Iowa spent less than $50,000 on the new act and most of the money was used to educate the state’s registrars-of-voters about the changes.

This would be convenient for many of you, Election Day somehow seems to sneak up on a lot of people – good job Saul!

CT News Junkie: Election Day Voter Registration Debated

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