Best Alternative Media Outlet Results

U.S. News and World Report’s Best Alternative Media Outlet contest is over, here are the results.

Wesleying came in third at 11.75% of the vote, to Penn State’s Onward State‘s 24.58% and Yale’s Timothy Dwight‘s 19.05%. We barely edged out Middlebury’s MiddBlog (10.3%), but pulled comfortably ahead of IvyGate, Columbia’s Bwog, Berkeley’s The Daily Clog, Mads Vassar, Gerogetown’s Saxa Speak, and Wisconsin’s Critical Badger.

Not bad, considering that Penn State is gigantic and Timothy Dwight seems to have an endearingly (if incongruously) passionate fanbase. And besides, more than a few of the competing blogs were inspired by Wesleying to begin with.

But this might have been a deciding factor: no Wesleying blogger was committed enough to this thing to whore ourselves out as Green Man from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, as Mark from Onward State has promised as a concession for winning. Awesome:

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