WesFest Is Coming, You Can Help

WesFest is coming! Get involved early by signing up to host a prefrosh, or register your student group to lead a WesFest event:


It’s time to start thinking about WesFest. This year’s WesFest will be held Thursday through Saturday April 16th, 17th, and 18th. Though it seems like ages away, there are already things you should be aware of…

1. We need as many hosts as we can get! Sign up to host starting March 2nd at lunch in Usdan. Or feel free to sign up online.

2. If you are a student group leader, start getting your events ready now! Contact Tim Shiner (860-685-2467) in order to book a room, work out the costs, etc. When you have your event scheduled, e-mail wesfest@wes or sign up online.

Additionally, student group leaders should contact wesfest@wes if they want to participate in the Activity Fair! This year’s fair will be held Friday afternoon. There is limited space, so contact us ASAP!

3. Any questions/concerns email wesfest@wes.

The WesFest Interns

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