S&C Menu This Week

Before the menu, here is a message sent out by the stewards:

Hi All,

Here is the menu for this week. Just a few notes we would like to add, to make your dining experience more pleasant.

As many of you know, there is often a mob of people at our door. Once you have ordered a to go, or given your name to sit down, we would appreciate it if you would stand away from the doorway. We promise we will call your name out loudly, so you won’t miss your food or lose your spot in line to sit.

Similarly, please do not take S&C mugs out of the restaurant. Once you are seated, you are welcome to go and get a cup of tea or cocoa, however you may not do so before that (aka no tea/cocoa while you are waiting to sit). We have had a multitude of mugs stolen in the past two weeks. If you forgot to put one back, please return it! We’ll just say thank you.

The Stewards
[emphasis added]

Feb 23rd – Monday

Dinner – Green Salad, Orange Ginger vin., Soy-Honey Chicken/Tofu, Horse radish scallion Mash, Mix veg.
Dessert – Ginger Spice cake

Feb. 24th – Tuesday

Lunch – Broccoli Rigatoni, salad w/ roasted Garlic oil and Parm, Grilled Chicken/Tofu
Dessert – Yogurt, Fruit, Granola

Dinner – Green Salad, Cilantro Dressing, Shrimp Mexicana /Tofu, Rice, Refried Beans
Dessert – Chocolate Cake

Feb. 25th – Wednesday

Lunch – Flank Steak/Veggie Quesadillas, fresh Salsa and Sour Cream,
Dessert – Fresh Fruit

Dinner – Green salad, Curry dressing, Jerk Chicken/Tofu, Red Beans and Rice, Greens
Dessert – Cinnamon Pound Cake

Feb. 26th – Thursday

Lunch – Butternut Squash Bisque with Cheesy Foccacia
Dessert – Trail Mix Bars

Dinner – Green Salad, Red Wine vin., Puerto Rican Rice and Beans with Chicken or Tofu
Dessert– Mango Yogurt

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4 thoughts on “S&C Menu This Week

  1. Anonymous

    dessert = trail mix bars?i mean, i love trail mix bars, but i don't go to s&c for that. just surprised.everything else looks amazing though, as always!

  2. Anonymous

    dessert = trail mix bars?
    i mean, i love trail mix bars, but i don't go to s&c for that. just surprised.

    everything else looks amazing though, as always!

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