Faith Galore!

Here’s the latest faith-based things in the community:

Emily Hoffman ’10 informs us that the Wesleyan Havurah has a brand new blog where you can post and read all about upcoming events in and related to the Jewish community. Check it out to get the news on Jews.

The Bayit Wants You!
Looking for a big, beautiful house with an open, welcoming community dedicated to exploring and sharing Judaism and other cultures? Then the Bayit might be just the place for you! The deadline for applications is this Friday, February 27th, at at midnight.

Dining and Schmoozing
The Interfaith Justice League is extending an invitation to come to the Interfaith Potluck.
Come check out next year’s new Interfaith Program House and mingle with friends!
Bring ethnic meals, desserts, or drinks (or just yourself), and a plate/knife/fork/cup!

Date: Thursday, February 26th
Time: 6:00pm
Place: 230 Washington Street (soon to be Interfaith House!)

A reminder: if you’re thinking of applying to Interfaith House (or any other program house), the deadline is also this Friday, February 27th

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