This Weekend and Spring Break with the Outing Club

Knot into studying on a Saturday? Knot yet sober from Friday night? This joke is funny. KNOT! Join Terrence, Gus and Jared for a workshop on how to tie practical knots and construct bomber tarp shelters. This Saturday from 1-2 pm at Outhouse. No experience or equipment necessary.
Contact Gus Seixas ( with questions.

The Banff Film Festival is coming to Wesleyan on March 2nd and will be in the Science Center Auditorium at 7pm! The film festival showcases tons of outdoor short films! Proceeds will benefit the Ragged Mountain Foundation, and Upward Bound. Definitely check it out!
If you would like to help set up for the film festival, contact us (

From the Bay Area? Can’t get enough of that beautiful California weather? Join us on a 2-3 night camping trip in Santa Cruz or Big Sur! We will have cars leaving from the East Bay and from Davis. The drive to Santa Cruz is about 66 miles, just over an hour, but we can also continue 2 hours down the coast on the spectacular Highway 1 to Monterey or Big Sur.  If enough people living in Southern California are interested, Big Sur is only 307 miles (about 6 hours) from LA (totally worth it)! This is still in the very preliminary planning stage so please respond right away if you’re interested and we’ll keep you posted!
Contact Julia Michaels ( if you are interested.

Did Spring Break creep up on you, leaving you unprepared to plan what you will do? Want to go somewhere cool and do an outdoors activity? Join an Outing Club spring break trip! We’re having a meeting on Monday at 9:30PM at Outhouse to talk about and start planning possible trips. As of now, nothing is set, so come by and help plan a trip.
Questions or RSVP to Jared Schroder (
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