WesWell Power Yoga Workshop

Jessica Posner ’09 writes in about her arm balances yoga workshop tomorrow, Saturday 28th from 11:30 – 12:30 PM in the Fayerweather Theater Studio. This is the first of three workshops.

Want to deepen your yoga practice? Want to learn how to do those awesome looking flying poses? Want to decrease stress and increase your strength?

This workshop will teach arm balancing postures such as side crow, crow, hurdle and peacock, as well as work on arm strengthening. Added bonus: these poses not only look cool, they are so good for you! This hour long class will include a short flowing series, and then focused attention for each participant to begin learning and mastering these poses. Modifications will be given for all levels!

Any 1 workshop = $10 Any 2 workshops =$18 Any 3 workshops = $25

All fees are due at the first workshop attended and are payable in cash, check made out to Wesleyan University, or by student account.

To reserve your space email Daphne Schmon at dschmon@wes.edu OR JUST SHOW UP a little early on Saturday!

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