Join the Wesleyan Language Bank!

Have any knowledge of foreign languages? Want a flexible way to help the larger
Wesleyan and Middletown community?

Then share your language skills and join the team of volunteers at the brand new Wesleyan Language Bank!

This is an Office of Community Service initiative that provides translation/interpreting services for the larger Wesleyan and Middletown community. The goals of the language bank are to remove language barriers, increase cross cultural understanding, and build mutually inspiring relationships between communities. It is run by a team of volunteers who share a passion for languages and for helping others.

We need your skills, even if you are not completely fluent, and especially if you speak a less commonly spoken language!!

If you’re interested and want to get more info please click here, and don’t hesitate to email us if you have questions.
Nadeem (nmodan@wes), Jenny Lo (jlo@wes), Melina Aguilar (mnaguilar@wes)

sign up now! It only takes two minutes to join and start helping us serve the wider Middletown community.

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