Interesting Days in Wesleyan History

For those of you who are stuck on campus for a few days, as I am, I’ve found little bits of Wesleyan history to keep you entertained. There is an entire Argus article on it, but here are a few of the choicest highlights.

November 1973: Beta House Nearly Flooded by Urine

30-45 members of former Wesleyan fraternity Chi Psi urinated on the Beta House and 5 windows were broken. This was the second time that semester that such a wild display of urination occurred, but the first time any windows were broken. Chi Psi President Bill Belichick expressed concern and said such an incident would not occur again. You may have heard of Belichick; he went on to coach the New England Patriots to [four] championships.


April 1990: President’s Office Firebombed

President William Chace’s office in South College was the target of explosives used to show discontent regarding decisions being made, or not made, on campus. Students wanted to amend the civil rights policy, improve disabled accessibility, address the recruitment and retention of faculty of color, restructure financial aid, and create a multicultural center. After the occurrence of other violent acts, including AK-47 shots fired at North College and X House being covered in racist graffiti, the University responded by organizing UNITY Day. 1000 students participated in this campus rebuilding effort by attending workshops. The Administration looked into addressing student concerns.

The first post, at the very least, is completely absurd. Read the full article here.

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