English Department/ Writing Programs Prizes

The English Department and Writing Programs are currently accepting applications for the 2008-2009 school year. The writing awards are awarded for fiction, nonfiction, poetry, fellowships for summer projects and graduate study. Applications are due Wednesday March 25th by 4 PM to the English Department Office 204.

The English Department and Writing Programs encourage students to submit materials for the writing awards. In particular, we’d like to encourage freshmen to apply for the Cole Prize and juniors to apply for the Annie Sonnenblick Writing Award.
If you’re a senior who plans to attend graduate school in literature in future years, do keep the Winchester fellowships in mind.

– Anne Greene, for the prize committee

To apply for the Cole, Connelly, Horgan, Murphy, Reed, and Wesleyan Fiction prizes, please submit:
1) A cover sheet that includes:

a. the name of prize for which you are applying

b. the title of your submission,

c. your name, class year, & Wes ID number

d. your contact Information: email address, cell phone number, post office box number.

2) One copy of the piece of writing you are submitting: the submission must be a clean copy, double-spaced. You may submit no more than two pieces (a total of 30 pages together) for each prize. Your work will not be returned.

For information on the Sonnenblick, Olin and winchester awards, visit the Writing website.

For more information on the awards and the application process, click here.

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