Campus Wide Power Outage on March 14th

Just a reminder: There will be a campus wide power outage tomorrow (Saturday) from 5:30 4:00 to 7:30AM to repair equipment in the main campus electrical system. All campus buildings will be impacted except for Freeman, Admissions, and the wood frames. This includes the CARD-ACCESS – there is a battery-powered backup, but it will not last the duration of the outage. This means, if you plan on entering your building during those hours, do it before or at the beginning of the outage, or make other plans. You can contact Alan Rubacha (arubacha@wes) with questions. ITS services will be supported by power from backup generators (probably) and should be available during the outage (hopefully).

What: Campus wide power outage
When: Saturday, March 14, 2009 @ 5:30 4:00-7:30AM
Where: All of Campus (except ITS, Freeman, Admissions, and Wood Frames)
Unexpected Consequences: Twenty fire-safety appeals about how “the candles were for/from the campus-wide blackout over spring break”

Remember: If you on campus and not in a wood frame, and you need to set an alarm for Saturday, you should use something that won’t be affected by the outage (duh) like a cell phone alarm, kitchen timer, or rooster.

[EDIT by Ben: 3/14, 1:02 AM]

The starting time has now changed to 4:00 AM (also noted above). All ITS services are still expected to be operational for the duration of the outage.
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