WESU Spring Training

Mary Longley ’10 says you could be on the radio:

WESU is holding DJ training this spring! Now’s your chance to be on the radio– alternative, free-form radio to be exact. Come train, chat about music, and check out our totally sweet record collection. And in case you thought WESU only played music, we’ve got a range of high quality public affairs programming, too. Trainees interested in any aspect of radio should come by! Training sessions will begin the week after spring break and are held at WESU, above Broad Street Books. Pick one, mark your calendar.

For more info, take a look at wesufm.org and/or email personnel@wesufm.org with questions

When: Thursday 3/26 at 4:30pm, Sunday 3/29 at 2pm
What: WESU Spring Training
Where: Above Broad Street

Also, the best thing about WESU besides the whole freeform radio thing is the WESU iTunes feed.

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