Cassorla, Dear Lamp at Earth House

Music finds a venue. This Wednesday will bring us Cassorla and Dear Lamp at Earth House.

Cassorla is from Philly, Harlem, and Bed-Stuy. They just sound really good. From their website: “Think indie rock for jazzheads, jazz for soul people, and soul for rockers.” Check them out on Myspace:

Opening will be a Wes band that just about everyone’s talking about these days, Dear Lamp. Here’s what Aural Wes had to say about a past show:

After a recent thrift store perusal, what was I to find, but a dear lamp. The southwest twanging of Carlos Nugent ‘11 and rhythmic banging of John Myers ‘11 lent to my ears as the sweet violin of Katherine Scahill ‘11 intoxicated my heart. Lost in the sophisticated interplay of guitarists Hannah Overton ‘11 and Ian Coss ’11 with bassist Daniel Hymanson ‘11, I knew the notes that danced around the dust-ridden shelves should not be forgotten in the back of that thrift store.

Far from the shoegaze indie bands, Dear Lamp’s music is a letter to that lamp so dear.

Date: Wednesday, March 25
Time: 9-11:30 pm
Place: Earth House

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