Fashion People, Last Minutes at the Bayit

Come celebrate Purim with a costume party at the Bayit, featuring Fashion People, the Last Minutes, and Mad Wow Disease. There will be plenty of “hamentashen” cookies for everyone, so dress up, dance, and eat cookies.

Or just come for the music:

Mad Wow Disease
These new kids on the block,
comprised of Nate Mondschein, Spencer Hattendorf, Matt Hurwit, Gabe Gordon, Louis Russo, Myles Potters, Claire Randall, and Jake Schofield, are a horn based funk band. Exposure to Mad Wow Disease can cause a spongy degeneration in the portions of the brain that control inhibition, as well as an uncontrollable desire to “get down” and “your groove thing.” Mad Wow Disease has a long incubation period, infecting you after initial exposure and gradually seeping into your every cranial crevasse until you find yourself unable to escape its funktastic melodies and ill-nasty rhythms (links are all them).

The Last Minutes
Previously touted on AuralWes as Wesleyan’s newest musical darlings, this foursome, composed of Bella Loggins, Ryan Rodgers, Katherine McDonald, and Ben Block, they seamlessly go from soulful to slammin’, though they unfortunately don’t have a myspace yet to give you a preview.

Fashion People
Western Mass all-stars playing funky rock ‘n’ roll. You may have seen them spreading dance fever at Psi U last semester. If not, well, that’s just more reason to come see them now. You’ll be yelling “fashion people” in hero worship by the end of the night.

Come dance your booty off Saturday at the Bayit.

Write-up at Aural Wes.

Date: Saturday, March 28th
Time: 10 pm – 2 am
Place: The Bayit

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