Models Wanted

Mandy Ho ’09 sent in:

Photography exhibition Significant Others is looking for models!

If you have someone, or a group of people, who is/are significant in your life – your roommate, your band, your boyfriend/girlfriend, your fellow gamers, your sports teammates, your RA, or even your professor – we want to photograph you and your “significant others”. If you are interested, email
pho(at) with the following items:

1. Your name and class year
2. Name(s) of your significant other(s) and your relationship with them/her/him
3. Where you want to be photographed – it can be somewhere on campus that is important to you and your relationship with your “significant other(s)”, or it can simply be somewhere you feel the most comfortable at
4. When you can be photographed
5. Contact information: email address, phone number, etc.

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