International Dessert Fair at the Senior Center

Volunteer, perform, bake or just come and chill with the elderly at the International Dessert Fair at the Senior Center on Thursday, April 2nd:

Over 50 Middletown senior citizens attend this event. There will be desserts from Middletown restaurants and presentations and time to hang out with senior citizens.

Wes students are encourage to come and either show off their talent or just get to know the Middletown seniors at this annual delicious event.

We are looking for students and student groups to make small performances, such as playing instruments, dancing, singing, comedy, ANYTHING to entertain the seniors in this event.

Please email mnaguilar@wes asap if you or your group will like to participate. There will be tons of desserts from all over the world :)

Melina Aguilar
OCS Coordinator for Elderly Programs

Date: Thursday, April 2nd
Time: 2:40pm-4pm
Place: Senior Center (across the street and down the block from Broad Street Books)

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