Latke Hamentashen Debate

Join the Latke vs. Hamentashen debate this Thursday:

latkesDo you really love your mother’s latkes? Your grandfather’s hamentashen? Do you have a compelling argument as to why one is better than the other? Speak at the Latke Hamentashen Debate!

The Latke Hamentashen Debate is a humourous academic debate in which academics discuss the merits of latkes and hamentashen (two popular Jewish foods) from their respective fields. Arguments range from simple math (triangles vs circles) to abstract philosophical reasoning and everything in between.

p3250030-20050325-164821The debate is Thursday, April 2nd at 8pm. We still need speakers to represent both latkes and hamentashen. (You don’t need to know anything about Judaism to participate.) If you are interested, please email ahartley@wes.

Date: Thursday, April 2nd
Time: 8 pm
Place: Judd 116

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