Computer worm could disable your ‘net access

The “Conficker” computer worm has been infecting computers for months—and if you’re a Windows user, your system may be one of the stricken. Tomorrow, on April Fool’s Day, Conficker is set to activate. The trouble is, no one quite knows what it’s going to do. Several computer security experts have speculated that Conficker is creating a massive network of infected computers in order to steal personal information from users and send it to the creators of the worm, who will then sell it to spammers, identity thieves, and other unsavory characters.

Computer virusIf your computer is infected, Cisco Clean Access will detect it, and your Internet connection will be quarantined—you’ll be disconnected from the network and won’t have any Internet access. Then, you’ll have to take your computer in to Help Desk, where consultants will disinfect your system and install software to prevent re-infection.

If you’re running Windows, there’s a decent chance that you could have Conficker laying in wait on your system. Mac users are not affected, unless you’re running Windows on your Mac.

Why not save yourself some time and frustration tomorrow, and update your computer now to protect it from Conficker (and other viruses and malware)? Run Windows Update and apply all critical updates (especially this one) now. You should also perform a full scan of your computer using antivirus software like Symantec AntiVirus, which you can get for free on WesFiles or at ITS Help Desk.

For further instructions, see this Microsoft tech support document, check out Symantec’s report on the virus, or read the Wikipedia entry.

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11 thoughts on “Computer worm could disable your ‘net access

  1. Sam

    Microsoft released a patch for this before the *first* version of Conficker came out.

    This is the fourth–the patch still prevents it from working.

    The only reason this is remotely an issue is because people disable Windows Update, which is idiotic.

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