Crude Independence Screening

“Crude Independence,” a documentary directed by Noah Hutton ’09, is being screened April 3 (Friday) in the CFA Cinema. Noah writes:

Crude Independence is a documentary film about the heartland in the process of transplanting itself, and its new heart is pumping oil. In 2006, the United States Geological Survey estimated there to be more than 200 billion barrels of crude oil resting in a previously unreachable formation beneath western North Dakota. With the advent of new drilling technologies, oil companies from far and wide descended on small rural towns across the state with men and machinery in tow. Director Noah Hutton takes us to the town of Stanley (population 1300), sitting atop the largest oil discovery in the history of the North American continent, and captures the change wrought by the unprecedented boom. Crude Independence is a rumination on the future of small town America— a tale of localized change at the hands of the global energy market,

The film screened at South by Southwest and has been shown at six festivals in the past two months. It won the Jury Award for Best Documentary Feature at the Oxford Film Festival in February. The film was co-edited by Hutton ’09 and Alex Footman ’09. There will be a Q&A with Hutton and Footman following the screening on Friday.

More about the documentary can be found at its official website. You can also check out the YouTube trailer.

Date: Friday, April 3
Time: 7:00 PM
Place: CFA Cinema (not the Center for Film Studies–the old cinema in the CFA)

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