Amanda Palmer Vs. Roadrunner Records

Amanda Palmer ’98, of Dresden Dolls fame, wants out of a complicated relationship with her record label. From Pitchfork:

amandapalmerDon’t make Amanda Palmer angry. Just ask her current label, Warner Music subsidiary and heavy metal haven Roadrunner Records. The Dresden Dolls frontwoman recently eviscerated Roadrunner in a recent “Moon River”-type live ballad called “Please Drop Me”. (Sample lyric: “Please drop me, what do I have to do?/ I’m tired of sucking corporate dick.”)

This comes after the label tried to edit out some bare-stomach shots in her video for “Leeds United” from her 2008 solo album Who Killed Amanda Palmer; “They thought I looked fat,” wrote Palmer on her blog, “I thought they were on crack.”

Safe to say the relationship is a bit strained.

Here’s “Please Drop Me”, her ode to Roadrunner at a Ft. Lauderdale show:

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