She Unnames Them: An Opera

“She Unnames Them: An Opera”, the music thesis of Xiaoxi Tu ’09, is happening this weekend. No tickets are required, but show up early to get a good seat.

Credit to Alex Fink ’09 for the excellent photo.


Three chances to see this post-modern opera, with hoe downs, raps, and arias from the mind of Xiaoxi Tu. Inspired by Ursula K. Le Guin’s short story about Adam and Eve naming (and unnaming) the animals in the Garden of Eden.

Brittany Fowler, Adam Black, Amanda Facelle, Tess Smagorinsky, Elizabeth Greenwald, Emily Weiss, Benedict Bernstein, Jared Keller, Charles Kurose, Tresne Hernandez, Emily Brown, Sophie Ackoff, Sara Duchovnay, Ari Edmundson. Cameo by: Brunhilde the Dinosaur

Miller Nuttle, Sylvia Ryerson, Ben Sachs-Hamilton, Avi Smith, Matt Patterson, Emily Busch, Joseph Getter, Ruby Ross, Michelle Brown, Julia Milton, Sam Tilin, Katherine Nilson, Andew Mulkey, Claire Trissel, Ellen Bartolini, Christine Hsueh, Chloe Wardropper, Noah Heau

Katherine Bascom, Emily Busch, Olivia Dooley, Beverly Fong, Maggie Hanay


Saturday, April 4 at 7pm;
Sunday, April 5 at 2pm and 7pm

Place: World Music Hall

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