Third Root Workshops

We are told by Lex Horan ’10 that there will be two events tomorrow about healthcare:

“Jacoby Ballard and Romina Rodriguez-Crosta, practitioners from Third Root Community Health Center in Brooklyn, are coming to Wesleyan to facilitate two workshops. Stop by the Science Center this Wednesday for either or both workshops!

Access to Healthcare = Access to Health, Wellbeing, and Justice (4:15, Exley 137)
The national dialogue concerning healthcare concerns access to emergency care, but not actually maintaining good health in an ongoing, holistic, daily way. Additionally, the holistic care that does exist is expensive and out of touch with local communities and does not address systems of oppression that hold this care out of reach for specific groups of people. In this popular education workshop (based on the principles and pedagogy of Paulo Freire), Third Root cooperative members will discuss their model of providing accessible, empowering, and collaborative healthcare to communities in the Flatbush neighborhood.

Empowered Trans Healthcare (8:00, Woodhead Lounge)
Holistic care here we come! This is a workshop for trans and gender non-conforming folks and allies who want to know how to better care for trans bodies as we go through surgeries, hormones, and other treatments. Doctors tell trans people that we are at risk for osteoporosis, high blood pressure, liver disease, and possibly cancer, but they don’t actually tell us what we can do about it! We will discuss herbs, foods, and concrete methods of how to use them (oils, tinctures, teas, etc) to care for trans bodies at various points of medical and social transition.

These events are sponsored by the Adelphic Educational Fund, WesWell, Campus Progress, Open House, and April [Awareness Month?]”

What: Healthcare workshops
When: 4:15 and 8:00
Where: Exley 137 and Woodhead Lounge, respectively

Check out for more about the organization.

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