Comedy Show: Part Douche, in WestCo Cafe

Comedy Show tonight in WestCo Cafe:

untitledBecause we haven’t gotten enough attention lately, The Comedy Show will be coming back. This Friday, April 10th, in WestCo Cafe at 8pm, we will be presenting an assortment of sketches, videos, stand-up, and improv. Come-it will be a good time. The Comedy Show guarantee: for every minute you don’t laugh, Robby Hardesty will give you a private dance.

The Comedy Show is: Chris Correa ’10, Jo Firestone ’09, Rikki Goldenberg ’09, Robby Hardesty ’11, Josh Margolin ’11, Jaime Maseda ’11, Jilly Moreno ’12, Brian Morgan ’09 Ben Smolen ’10, and Caitlin Winiarski ’10.

Visit our facebook group and watch our promos!

Date: Friday, April 10
Time: 8 pm
Place: WestCo Cafe

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