Star and Crescent this Week

Star and Crescent LogoHere is the S&C Menu for April 13 – April 16.
Come now, the S&C is open!

April 13th
Dinner – Green Salad, Cilantro Dressing, Tadka Dal w/ Curry rubbed Chicken/ Tofu, Basmati Rice
Dessert – Strawberry Short Cake

April 14th
Lunch –Grilled Flank Steak/ Veg. Burritos
Dessert – Chocolate Chip Bars

Dinner – Green Salad, Carrot Ginger vin, Masaman Curry, Chicken/ Tofu, Jasmine Rice VEGAN
Dessert – Berry Crisp

April 15
Lunch – Asian Chicken Salad/ Tofu Salad served over Baby Greens
Dessert – Coconut Bars

Dinner – Green salad, GarlicVin, Paella w/ Chicken, Salmon, Shrimp or Veg style VEGAN
Dessert – Banana Cake

April 16
Lunch – Panang Curry, Chicken/ Tofu, Jasmine Rice VEGAN
Dessert – Fresh Fruit

Dinner – Green Salad, Charred Tomato Vin, Mafe (West African Stew) Chicken/ Tofu VEGAN
Dessert- Coconut Cake

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