Method Life, a new Wes lifestyle blog


Former Blargus style columnists Ivy Menderson and Robert Alvarez ’11 have branched off on their own with Method Life, a blog about Wesleyan student lifestyle and culture intended as an online companion to the future METHOD magazine. An excerpt from the opening post:

On the record, we are a “student lifestyle blog”–but that’s vague and somewhat reminiscent of a self-help network. Actually, if you Google “lifestyle blog” you’ll find links to websites showing how to make your own Michelle Obama cardigan look-alike (yikes) or how to find success in Canada (snorefest). While we mean no disrespect to either these sites, Canada, or our beautiful first lady, that’s just not who we are. Nor are we the Argus (or “Blargus”), Wesleying, or Well-Dressed Wes. We are a forum for informal and carefree, albeit hopefully intelligent, discussion about popular and student culture, style, art, music, and technology. Our aim is to stimulate thought, to provide perspective, and to entertain.

We hope to post at least once or twice a week initially, but as our team of columnists expands, this number could easily increase. If you are interested in contributing, please email us at

So far there’s a poem by “sex columnist Smear Prudence” (ha) entitled “Ode to My Vagina“, and a brief guide to matching your outfit with your swag this spring. Let’s see where else this goes – you are now on our blogroll, Method Life.

METHOD magazine hits campus on May 1st.

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