Ponytail, Think About Life, Miracles of Modern Science at Eclectic


Baltimore’s psychedelic post-punks Ponytail will be playing Eclectic this Friday, along with Think About Life and Miracles of Modern Science.

Spin calls lead singer  Molly Siegel a “fiery young Yoko Ono impersonator”, and Pitchfork compares them to the Pixies and to hyper kids who somehow play good music:

Another way to understand Ponytail, finally, is by thinking of them in terms of Baltimore, their city. Like Dan Deacon and the Wham City crew, Ponytail are finding ways to take the concerns of childhood and channel them into deceptively sophisticated music. But instead of the 8-bit toys that every middle class American has laying in front of their televisions, Ponytail build monuments to the boundless energy of kids with a real rock band’s tools.

Alright! Tickets are only $3 and will be on sale at Usdan at lunch (noon until 2:30 pm) and then again at dinner (5-8 pm) every day this week until they sell out – get em quick.

Date: Friday, April 24
Time: 10 pm
Place: Eclectic

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8 thoughts on “Ponytail, Think About Life, Miracles of Modern Science at Eclectic

  1. Ben

    Can we rewrite this post in Baltimorese and give Ponytail’s hometown some proper recognition?

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