Sunday in the Park with George in the ’92!

Sunday in the Park with George

Chris Ceccolini ’11 sends in:

Come see the historic musical Sunday in the Park with George, a Broadway treasure by famous composer Stephen Sondheim.

In Act I of this musical, the artist Georges Seurat gets closer to realizing his greatest work, “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte”, while his relationship with his mistress Dot slowly deteriorates as she feels neglected from her lover’s obsession with his work.

Finally, Dot must make a difficult choice: to stay with the man she loves or move on into the unknown.

In Act II, one hundred years later in contemporary America, Seurat’s great-grandson (also named George) searches for inspiration for his next work of art, all the while wrestling with the legacy of his esteemed ancestor and the fact that he is the only one left of his family.

Where does art end and life begin? Is there any divide between the two? Sunday in the Park with George explores the possibility that art and life are inextricably bound together and that anything, and anyone, can be beautiful. All you need is order, design, balance, light, and harmony.

The show will be in the ’92 Theater with performances on:

Thursday, April 23rd- 8pm
Friday, April 24th- 8pm
Saturday, April 25th- 2pm & 8pm

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