Environmental Activist Julian Drix at Earth House

shaleshock On Thursday, April 23rd at 8pm at Earth House, activist Julian Drix will give a workshop entitled “The Next Frontier: Unconventional Natural Gas”, which explores new, highly destructive forms of natural gas extraction, which is being sold as the new “green” fuel.

Date: Thursday, April 23
Time: 8 pm
Place: Earth House (corner of Lawn and High)

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drix_julian_headshotThe Next Frontier: Unconventional Natural Gas
Thanks to new technologies from Halliburton and Co., a new set of domestic natural gas reserves have been opened up in the war for energy independence. Now the domestic natural gas industry has gone from dwindling to boom times, promising to be the “clean burning” energy of the future, while threatening the last fresh water reserves on the continent. This is the next frontier of the fossil fuel fight – find out where the battle lines will fall.

Julian Drix has been an organizer with Rising Tide for over two years, working on popular education initiatives, social justice gatherings such as the Northeast Climate Confluence, and direct actions with the Greenwash Guerrillas, the guerrilla theatre group associated with Rising Tide.

Julian has a degree in Africana Studies from Brown University, and wrote an honors senior thesis on the way in which carbon markets and green capitalism represent new frontiers of colonialism. Through this thesis he has spent time learning from and working with Afro-Brazilian Quilombolas, Tupiniquim, Guarani, and campesina communities in Brazil who are struggling against monocrop eucalyptus plantations that earn carbon credits and are potential fuel crops for next generation cellulosic ethanol.

Currently, Julian is living in his home community in the Finger Lakes of New York and helping spark a burgeoning environmental justice campaign against drilling for natural gas in the Marcellus Shale, an unconventional gas reserve which has enough gas to promise the potential to secure “energy independence” for the United States. He has presented at workshops on various facets of climate justice in community centers, colleges, high schools, youth camps, and churches across the nation, and hopes to further develop the potential climate justice popular education initiatives as tool for community organizing.

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