GRS update: day 1

Now that the first day of GRS is behind us, it’s a good time to post a preview of what lies ahead:

1-person: 0
2-person: 2 (162B Church; 146C High)
3-person: 5 (267A, B, C Court; 10A Fountain; 324B Washington)
4-person: 0
5-person: 2 (72 High; 346 Washington)
6-person: 2 (60 Home; 59 Pearl)

Notes and miscellany:

  • Three rooms in Hewitt (8210, 9209, and 10019) were selected, as was one in Butt C (C102). All three one-person apartments in 128 Pearl and 240 Court are taken. (Three rooms in 156 High were also selected.)
  • All three two-person apartments in 128 Pearl and 240 Court are available, as are all the Hi-Rises. There are also two doubles available in Farm House, so there are technically four spots left in woodframes.
  • All four three-person apartments in 128 Pearl are still available.
  • Every four-person house is taken, but none of the Lo-Rises has been picked yet.
  • Apartment A in 1 Vine is available; B is taken (C wasn’t available during GRS). All three apartments in 65 Pearl are available; four apartments in Fauver (010, 212, 214, and 314) have been taken.
  • Although there are four six-person houses, there were only three six-person groups at the start of GRS. This could be interesting.

Good luck to groups 161-310. I’ll post another update once everyone has picked on Thursday.

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6 thoughts on “GRS update: day 1

  1. Ben Post author

    Oh, the reason I say my estimate is inexact is that there will likely be some groups merging. But if no one splits or merges, there are eight all-senior groups picking tomorrow.

  2. Ben Post author

    This is an inexact estimate, but there are no more then eight groups picking tomorrow. (There were 168 all-senior groups formed; groups 1-160 picked yesterday.) There are also 18 mixed groups formed: 3 two-person, 1 three-person, 6 four-person, and 8 five-person.

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