Helen Keller: Or, The Face That Launched One Ship That She Never Saw

3056_528967502763_4203506_31691357_6056985_nJake Gold‘s senior recital, a musical/multimedia production entitled “Helen, or, the face that launched one ship that she never saw,” is tonight:

It’s about a man’s quest in 1902 to find Helen Keller (22 years old at the time, and a total babe) and profess his love for her. How will he do it?!? What obstacles will he encounter?!? Find out at the show!

Featuring the supreme acting abilities of Adam Black, Christina Boyd, Sharmeen Mazumder, Ben Seretan, Eli Scherer, and Ralph Gerraty.

…and the extreme musical prowess of Galen Degraf, Eric Sherman, Brian Papish, Jake Schofield, Dave Gordon, Ras Fatch, Orianna Korol, Sylvia Ryerson, Sofia Leitner-Lasse, Xiaoxi Tu, Sam Bernhardt, Chloe Wardropper, Josh Koenig, Donovan Arthen, and Ralph again.

…featuring translations for the deaf by Ruby-Beth Buitekant, and a kung-fu film created by Capt. Jess Barbosa

Why: It’s gonna be freakin weird. Fake blood, ninjas, animals, hardcore german songs, plot twists, music, music, and more music. What’s not to love?

Date: Thursday, April 23
Time: 9pm
Place: Crowell Concert Hall

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