2009 English Department and Writing Programs Prizes and Awards Winners

Here is the lineup of this year’s awards winners. Congratulations!

Cole Prize Winner: Damiano Marchetti ’12
Honorable Mention: Bennett Taren ’12
Honorable Mention: Tess Crain ’12
Connelly Prize Winner: David Wolovsky ’10
Honorable Mention: Allison Quantz ’10
Horgan Prize Winner: Jake Abrahamson ’09
Honorable Mention: Emily Chew ’10
Honorable Mention: Daniel Gumbiner ’11
Murphy Prize Alex Holachek ’10
Olin Fellowship Winners:
Katherine Bascom ’10
Robert Hardesty ’10
Asa Horvitz ’10
Davy Preston Knittle ’11
Lily Mandlin ’10
Karina Maravelias ’10
Aine McCarthy ’10
Sylvia Ryerson ’10
Laura Scholten ’10
Nick Singer ’11
Sam Werbalowsky ’11
Reed Prize Co-Winners: Eric Weiskott ’09
Davy Preston Knittle ’11
Honorable Mention: Rachel Shopper ’10
Sonnenblick Writing Award: Karina Maravelias ’10
Wesleyan Fiction Award: Winner: Kristina Chiappetta ’11
Honorable Mention: Rebecca Turkewicz ’10
Winchester Fellowship: Eric Weiskott ’09
For a list of the prize and award descriptions click here.
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