The impact of microfinance on alleviating poverty amongst the world’s poor has been widely acknowledged. Today innovations in the field have helped expand its reach even further. Some of the new frontiers now being addressed by microfinance are female empowerment, environmental sustainability, and education. 

This panel will discuss these new innovations in the use and reach of microfinance, as well as provide insight into the success of these new measures. Panelists will include:  
Betsy Teutsch is Director of Communications at GreenMicrofinance.org, a pioneering organization that merges the environmental and microfinance sectors. GreenMicrofinance consults for Microfinance Institutions to develop green lending, the provision of clean energy technologies like solar and biodigesters, to the Bottom of the Pyramid –  1.6 billion people, nearly 25% of the planet’s population, lack grid-distributed electricity. Betsy is also the founder of Philadelphia’s www.PhillyFreeCycle.org and the mother of Nomi Teutsch ’11.

Dean Karlan is Professor of Economics at Yale University and has done extensive research on the impact of microfinance. Professor Karlan’s research focuses onmicroeconomic issues of poverty, specifically employing experimental methodologies to examine what works, what does not, and why. He focuses on microfinance program design internationally, and voting and charitable giving behavior domestically.

PIZZA will be provided!

Date: Monday, April 27thTime: 4:15 pm

Location: PAC 001

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