Sam DeFabbia-Kane for Junior Class Rep!

I decided to run for the WSA soon after we were informed about the Gmail login vulnerability a few weeks ago. I believe that this incident illustrated some of the biggest problems with ITS, and I believe that the student body needs a dedicated, informed voice on the WSA to help deal with these problems. I am the ideal person to do this. As an ITS student worker I have the technical knowledge to help propose solutions to problems and I already know many of the people in ITS I need to work with. As a Wesleying contributor I’ve explained technical issues and confronted some problems. And as part of the web redesign committee I and other students have been working with people in ITS to design Wesleyan’s new website.

I want to do more.

I want to work towards increased transparency, accountability, and service quality at ITS and every other Wesleyan administrative department. Wesleyan exists for us, the students. If you elect me, I’ll make sure that’s not forgotten. If you’d like more details about my plans and positions, that stuff is available here.

So please go and vote. Polls are open at 12:00am tonight.

(As always, if you’re running for a WSA position, feel free to send in your own candidate statements. I will be doing my best to get them up here as soon as I can—descriptive e-mail subjects will help me do that.)

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