2012: Re-Elect Ben Firke


Freshmen, here’s why Ben Firke ’12 wants your vote:

Hey, my fellow 2012’ers.

This year, I’ve taken the initiative to meet with Pres. Roth’s right hand man Charles Salas to propose a summer program, amended the WSA bylaws to create an Officer of Sustainability, and made the WSA more transparent by working on the development and implementation of the WSA blog.

I hope to continue my work on the WSA next year, because the economy is making the administration consider even more budget cuts.  Wesleyan students need a representative who can say NO to cutting financial aid – in any way.  They need a rep who can say NO to continuing unsustainable consumption practices that waste resources and most importantly, your money, NO to cutting faculty salaries and jobs and hurting your education, and NO to cutting student services.  As a 2012 rep, I will do all in my power to prevent the administration from gouging from your quality of life.

Thanks for your time and support!

As usual, vote here.

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